In this section we will attempt to share with you audio messages that pertain to current events and present truth. With so many powerful speakers within the Seventh-Day Adventist church who have been anointed by God and commissioned to spread the Everlasting Gospel, it is important to try and make their presentations available for the enrichment of as many people as possible. You may be familiar with some of the speakers and you may be unfamiliar with some, but it is our goal to make sure the messages we post here will help you become more familiar with the Author and Finisher of our Faith, Jesus Christ.

“The law of God is to be magnified. Its claims must be presented by our workers, in our books and papers, and through the spoken word. The knowledge of its holy character is to become widespread. The message of Christ’s righteousness must be proclaimed from one end of the earth to the other. Our people are to be aroused to prepare the way of the Lord. The third angel’s message–the last message of mercy to a perishing world–is so sacred, so glorious. Let the light go forth as a lamp that burneth. Mysteries into which angels have desired to look, which prophets and kings and righteous men desired to know, the church of God is now to unfold.”  {SpM 420.2}

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In the Time of the Harvest

Presented by Jamal Sankey

1. God’s Love for Man [Download]

2. These two Signs [Download]

3. Congregation’s Duty on Day of Atonement [Download]

4. Necessity of the Triumphant Life [Download]

5. Difficulty of the Triumphant Life [Download]

6. How to live [Download]

7. The Moral Purpose of Prophecy [Download]

8. Christ’s Prophetic Timeline [Download]

9. Separation of Classes [Download]

10. Separation of Classes 2 [Download]

11. The Budding Trees of Spring [Download]

12. The Gospel Pattern [Download]

13. History to be Repeated [Download]

14. Repeat of Hist [Download]

15. The Sequence of Events [Download]

16. The Resurrection [Download]

17. Coming to his End [Download]

18. 40-45 is 1840 thru 1845 [Download]

19. The Covenant: Scattering & Gathering [Download]

20. Trampling Down: The Scattering [Download]

21. Reestablishing the Covenant: The Gathering [Download]

22. 144,000 and two [Download]


The Prophetic Pattern

Presented by Jeff Pippenger

00- Time Prophets [Download]

01- The Prophetic Pattern [Download]

02- The Prophetic Pattern [Download]

03- The Prophetic Pattern [Download]

04- The Prophetic Pattern [Download]

05- The Prophetic Pattern [Download]

The Prophetic Experience

Presented by Jeff Pippenger

The Prophetic Experience [Download]

EBook The Prophetic Experience

The Forth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism

Presented by Jeff

Fourth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism 1 [Download]

Fourth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism 2 [Download]

Fourth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism 3 [Download]

Fourth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism 4 [Download]

Fourth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism 5 [Download]

Fourth Generation of Seventh-day Adventism PDF



The Prophetic Time Series

Presented by Jeff Pippenger

01 The Daily [Download]

02 The Daily [Download]

03 The Daily [Download]

04 The Daily [Download]

05 God’s Denominated People [Download]

06 God’s Denominated People [Download]

07 God’s Denominated People [Download]

08 God’s Denominated People [Download]

09 Time Setting [Download]

10 Time Setting [Download]

EBook Prophetic Time Series- Daily

EBook Prophetic Time Series- God’s Denominated People

EBook Prophetic Time Series- Time Setting